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Brief Introduction of Service Guide in the Emerald

At The Emerald, Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL) has been engaged to provide professional property management services to the residents. Jones Lang LaSalle is an international real estate service firm with over 50 years of experience in Asia Pacific.  Its China operations have about 700 professionals and 5,000 on-site staff, providing quality real estate advice and services in the areas of retail, residential, commercial, management services, project and development services and research.

JLL team here in The Emerald deliver a range of free of charge added value services, newly arrived residents will find our services most valuable.

Free of charge services
● Assistance in the selection of domestic helpers for interviews.
● Assistance in placing orders and delivery of bottled drinking water.
● Upon resident's request, the collection and delivery of laundry using professional laundry company.
● Cleaning of the air conditioner vents twice a year. (Spring and Autumn)
● Applying for the temporary resident permit. (This official procedure is required of all newly arrived residents to Shanghai before you obtained your residents and work permit)
● Moving furniture, within the house unit only and if it does not require any machinery and truck, extra packing will incur costs.
● Translation service. (limited to on site exchanges with service providers attending to the villa and basic governmental notice/ circulars if required)
● Hanging of pictures. There is a recovery fee of approximately 10RMB/hole or picture depending on the picture size.
● Assistance in posting mail and parcels, subscriptions to and delivery of newspapers and magazines upon request, as well as arranging for express delivery service.

2018 Shuttle Bus Schedule
There will be no shuttle bus service during weekends and National Holidays.
As per National Holidays notice issued by the State Council of China for 2018

Single Trip Rate : RMB 4.00

Route (Round Trip) Depart the Emerald Return to The Emerald

The Emerald—Century Park

17:30 18:10
The Emerald—Century Park—Carrefour (Jin Qiao) 13:30 Carrefour (Jin Qiao) 15:30
Century Park 15:45

• Transfer to Metro Line 2, Line 4, and Line 6 at Century Park

Customer service
JLL Management Centre office is located in the 9th street of The Emerald, next to the basketball court. Reception is on the ground floor, offices on the 1st floor.

24-hour Hotline:
68122798 & 68060191 

Location: Customer service

Customer service
Phase 1: July Jiang   Tel: 6812 2790   Mob: 1364 1977 284
Phase 2: Kelly Ye   Tel: 6812 2790   Mob: 1772 1418 195
Phase 3: Vic Wang   Tel: 6812 2734   Mob: 1367 1533 702
Phase 4: Jenny Dong   Tel: 6819 4459   Mob: 1893 0918 769


Mail Services
800-820-8388(For Landline)
400-420-8388(For Mobile)

Malls, Plazas
Plaza 66
1266 Nan Jing West Rd
Jing'an District
TEL: 021-6279 0910
Five floors of Brand name (i.e. Gucci, Versace, Fendi etc,.) shopping

Superbrand Mall
168 Lu Jia Zui West Rd
TEL: 021-6997 7888

City Shop
1/F, West Side Citigroup Tower
33 Hua Yuan Shi Qiao Rd
TEL: 021-6446 1110

185 Fang Dian Rd
TEL: 021-5033 6966

279 Bi Yun Rd
Jin Qiao, Pu Dong
TEL: 021-5030 4415

Home Improvement Centres
126 Cao Xi Rd
Xu Hui District
TEL: 021-5425 6060
Huge store of modern furniture and accessories

Shanghai Special Markets
Pudong Flower Market
Zhang Yang Rd (near Lao Shan West Rd) Pudong

Dong Tai Rd Market
Dong Tai Lu off Xi Zang Lu
A number of crossing streets of smalls stalls with an amazing collection of antiques and bric-a-brac. A lot of fun but not forget to bargain.

Gardens and Parks
Century Park
1001 Jin Xiu Rd

Western Clinics and Medical Centres

Shanghai East International Medical Centre
551 Pu Dong South Rd
TEL: 021-5879 9999

World Link Dental
Shanghai Centre, Suite 203 West Retail Plaza
1376 Nan Jing West Rd
TEL: 021-6445 5999
51 Hong Feng Rd

International Woman Hospital
910 Heng Shan Rd
TEL: 021-6474 9014/6407 5328

New York Dental Clinic
388 Hong Bao Shi Road, 4/F,
Changning District, Shanghai 200336
TEL: 021-6278 1181

Bank of China KangQiao branch
Address: 1023 KangQiao Road

China Construction Bank KangQiao branch
Address: 2586 HuNan Road

Industrial and Commercial Bank of China KangQiao Branch
Address: 1000 KangQiao Road
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