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A Neighborly "Home away from Home" Community

Apart from the private parties we organize for tenants, the Emerald Club also arranges a variety of daily classes and activities as well as annual events for the The Emerald residents and Club members. Just to name a few – this include monthly coffee morning, ladies luncheons, wine-tastings, Flea market,  kids' disco and movie nights.  Classes such as yoga, step circuit, kung fu, mandarin lesson, flower arranging are being conducted regularly. Furthermore, Christmas bazaars, Family Day and Welcome Party are the annual big events at The Emerald which attract residents both in and outside the Emerald. We are proud that the Emerald is a multinational expatriate compound with first-class facilities  with a truly  "Home away from Home" community. These activities are organised by The Emerald Club and often with active participation  and inputs from the residents. Our bi-monthly Newsletter serves as another communication channel for the residents.
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